Saturday, July 16, 2005

Important lesson about these lessons

You may be asking "why does he go to all this troule?"

I'm not a "Harry Potter Nut", in fact I have never read one of the books, or even watched the movies (well, it's on in the next room quite often)

The purpose of creating articles, blogs, press releases, web sites, and mailing about a topic is to cross promote a service in a new way.

This is princle is used extensively in the Potter Empire, and should be a consideration for all marketers (if you have a product or service, you ARE a marketer).

Here's some of the activities that have helped boost this particular project..

  • Posts on this blog, and other blogs, with links coming back to this site
  • An email went out to authors on my mailing list, letting them know that I have new information that can help them. Reading this list is part of that.
  • A press release went out, announce the research project, and linking back here and to my primary website
  • An article with more in depth information will be coming soon. That will get the same treatment as above.. "rinse and repeat"

    Here's the press release that I sent out...

    The launch of "Harry Potter - Half Blood Prince" is the most successful book launch of all time. Most book marketers not directly involved lament about this, but one says that's the wrong approach.

    Book Marketing Expert Warren Whitlock suggests that the "Harry Potter Craze" is great for the book market in many ways.. "I encourage the authors I work with to model successes" said Whitlock. "This is the most successful book launch ever, and full of innovation and lessons for us all"

    Whitlock has announced a web log (blog) to share the data he has collected, and to encourage discussion among authors and publishers.

    "Every book marketing project this year has had to compete with the pre-sales of Harry Potter - Half Blood Prince. Instead of fighting Potter, we should be studying the process and using the best new ideas to enhance our own promotions"

    Results of Whitlock's research can be found at

    Whitlock's free training program for authors is at

    Warren Whitlock is a book marketing expert, training hundreds of authors each year about the process he uses to make a book a best seller. He is co-author with Mark Victor Hansen, Wayne Dyer and Dr. Richard of the number 1 best seller "Wake Up... Live the Life You Love" and has promoted dozens of books to "best seller" status. His next book "Business Successes" will be released in the Fall.

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