Saturday, July 16, 2005

Did Harry write about this book launch?

In the article below, the WSJ quotes some clueless pubishing people who "aren't sure" if the Internet can be used to sell book.. and talks of web site of a fictional character.

Gosh, I'm never sure if the writer of a blog is for real.

I've added "read some Harry Potter blogs" to my ToDo list.. but for now I assume this is one more tactics NOT used by the Potter Marketing team. 10 million in the first run, on a book for pre-teens... is there any doubt that there is an audience fore ANY book?

Ficional Character has a web site.. why not you?: "Publishers say they have been hesitant to tap into the Web because the Internet's promise as a marketing tool for books had been largely unproven. 'We don't see a lot of change in the book business,' says Patrick Quinn, president of media consulting firm PQ Media, whose clients include the Association of American Publishers, the publishing trade group. Successful Web campaigns for books like 'The Da Vinci Code' and 'The South Beach Diet' -- aimed, respectively, at adventure fans and dieters -- have fueled the idea that the Internet could be used to target niche audiences."

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