Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why you should share what you know with the world on Squidoo

Here's a 3 way cross promotion that is chocked full of goodies

1) MindBites is promoting Squidoo for free promotion of their expertise:

"You should share what you know with the world because it will enrich your life,
enrich someone else's life and earn money while sharing your passion. Something
that you are very skilled at or something that you have been professionally
trained to do is worth sharing with other people. MindBites makes it easy for
you to upload your own 'how to' video and post it up for sale."

2) They used a great example of a cheaply made video that has great information that you can use plus a very fun song about cheese. Watch and learn now.

You can also upload videos the way I do using
3) They are also promotion Squidoo (where every author should have a book lens)

And thanks to the power of blogging, I am promoting my tips about promotion by telling you about this and placing a comment on their Squidoo lens.

You can easily do the same. Just find something cool, comment and talk about it on your blog.

And be sure to put a comment here to let us know what you are up to.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Google Knol: Should Become A Great Resource for Authors

Google watchers are talking about a new site that will allow authors to create and instant expert page

Google Knol: A Step Too Far?

Much like Squidoo, but enhanced by the ability to integrate with Google's AdSense without a middle man.

Repurpose your content, create a page. Add links to your book's page or your web site. And if you do it right, and get a hit... you also get revenues

Linda's Marketing Leverage Blog: Beyond the Harry Hysteria

Linda's Marketing Leverage Blog: Beyond the Harry Hysteria:

Some other thoughts about what we can learn from Harry Potter books

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Multipy Your Book Marketing Success With Onine Promotion SIte

As you begin to use social media to boost your online marketing presence for your book, I suggest that you take a look at

For instance, I'm using the blog editor at to post a message for my new blog, while posting the same entry to my Book Marketing Success blog and other marketing blogs.

That's three more mentions for me (Warren Whitlock) and my author and book publishing keywords.. plus I'm reaching millions of readers on the service.

I'm just getting started... using tools to import a list of contact to see who is here.. then uploading videos for additional posting, along with photos, other blogs, and more.

Take a look now at and post a comment to let me know how you will use it to attract new readers for your book and online promotions.