Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Even More Sales From Audio

I get questions all the time about "should I have an e-book?" and other forms of putting out a book.

Yes. And today's Potter story remids us that even the best selling book can make more with audio versions.

Journal Gazette | 08/15/2005 | Giving voices to Potter series: "Dale has given voice to more than 200 characters in the audio versions of the six “Harry Potter” books published so far (author J.K. Rowling has said a seventh title will end the series). The first five audio books in the series smashed previous sales records with more than 4 million copies sold in North America.

For the initial run of the most recent title, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” 635,000 audio versions were printed, making it the largest first run in the history of audio books, says Amanda D’Acierno, a spokeswoman at Random House Audio."

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